Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy Mom's Food Find: Jello Mousse Temptations

I'm a huge fan of snacking on sugar free Jello pudding cups.  Yes, I realize they're made of chemicals.  However, I love that they satisfy my chocolate cravings for only 1 point, so I tend to look the other way.  Pudding is a staple in my "arsenal" of food finds.  So when Jello came out with a new product earlier this year, I HAD to try it.  It's a mousse, but it still only has 1 point for each little pre-packaged cup. 

My verdict? FANTASTIC! This mousse feels decadent and light, all at the same time.  My personal favorite is the "Dark Chocolate Decadence" flavor.  The name says it all.  

One little note about sugar free puddings:  all flavors are not created equal.  I have found, during my extensive love affair with these sweet little gelatinous wonders that there is something about the chocolate flavor that hides the chemical taste of the sweeteners better than the vanilla varieties.  At least for my taste buds, the vanilla-based flavors of sugar free puddings taste metallic and fake, where the chocolate-based flavors do not.  For all of you who are strictly against man-made sweeteners, I've probably just reconfirmed all your worst fears and solidified your determination.  For those of you who aren't as worried, stick with the chocolate! You'll thank me for it. 

One final note:  Jello has not paid me to write positive things about their products, or supplied me with free product of any sort. In fact, Jello has no idea who I am. I am writing this post purely on my own volition.

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