Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Me, My Blog, and Weight Watchers

If you're a current Weight Watchers member, you already know the "big" news: they unveiled an updated program for weight loss called the Points Plus program.  It's based on the latest science behind weight loss and there are some major changes to the program.  The first thing is that they have changed the way points are calculated.  In keeping with this new method, most foods have increased in points values, except fruits and vegetables: most of those are now 0 points.  Awesome! The daily points target has increased, as have the weekly flex points you get.  In my opinion, the most important change is that Weight Watchers is encouraging members to eat more whole, unprocessed foods, and lean meats (what they are calling "Power Foods") rather than filling our bellies with junk while staying within the points range.  A piece of fruit is a better choice than a 100 calorie snack pack, and now the points values will finally reflect that. 

So...what does that mean for this mom?

A while back, over the summer, I decided that I needed to shake things up regarding my eating plan.  I decided to stop actively tracking my points each day, since I have the system pretty well ingrained into my very being, but instead I would focus on eating an overall healthy plan.  I continue to use points values as a reference for what is a healthy choice or not.  However, I don't track religiously, and I [deep breath] cancelled my Weight Watchers membership. 

That being said, I really don't want to have to learn a new system. I don't want to have to go back to Weight Watchers and pay again to learn a new weight loss system in order to maintain my weight loss.  For that reason, I am going to continue to use the old points system personally.  Should I ever need to lose more than 10-15 pounds again, I will certainly go right back to Weight Watchers and learn the new system.  But for now, the old one works great for me.

So...what does that mean for this blog?

As for the blog, I have decided that I will offer nutritional data on each recipe and let you decide how you use that information.  I will slowly be updating my old posts as well.  I will continue to use this nutritional data to calculate the old points.  Feel free to use the new Points Plus system, or track your calories, or do nothing at all.  Whatever suits you best. 


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  2. Believe me. Weight loss is not just the number game .... it is a mind game.